Sky Contact Number: 0843 504 7160

Contact a Sky customer service advisor on 0843 504 7160, or phone 0800 151 2747 (freephone helpline number).

If you are having problems with your Sky package, or if you wish to upgrade/update your Sky service, then call 0843 504 7160 or alternatively phone 0800 151 2747 (freephone line) to contact Sky customer services. These numbers are for general queries relating to your Sky package/service, or if you aren’t sure of which Sky department (Broadband/Talk/Apps/ID) to contact.

If you have a problem with your Sky TV service and wish to contact a Sky TV expert, then call 03300 412 526. Use this phone number for Sky TV issues, Sky TV information, to arrange and reschedule your Sky TV engineer appointment or to change, cancel or upgrade your Sky TV service. This number is charged the same as standard UK local call rates. You can also go online for your Sky TV problem at , which includes a live chat service.